Reps Shoes – How to Spot Authentic Jordan 4s

The Spot Authentic Jordan 4s was the initial release of the Jordan brand into the international market. It’s a legendary colorway that the brand has leveraged over the years, and this retro design was no exception. After being a successful release, the brand has continued to gain popularity. The Air Jordan line continues to be available from crew kicks.

Reps Shoes – How to Spot Authentic Jordan 4s
Reps Shoes – How to Spot Authentic Jordan 4s

Inspecting the cage Spot Authentic Jordan 4s

One of the most distinctive aspects of an authentic Jordan 4 is its cage. The real version has a slimmer, more defined cage with well-defined intersections. Another sign of authenticity is a consistent stitching pattern. Authentic shoes have an even stitching pattern all over, including the cage.

Inspecting the toe box Spot Authentic Jordan 4s

Checking the toe box of a pair of reps shoes can help you spot fakes. A real pair of Jordan 4s features a broader toe box and a more defined bottom curve, while a fake one has narrower toe boxes and a more inconsistent stitching pattern. The upper part of the toe box should also have a consistent stitching pattern.

The toe box is one of the most important details that you can check for authenticity. If it doesn’t have the trademark tread, then it’s a fake. Another reliable detail is the size tag. Make sure that the printing is even, and that it’s not crooked. Make sure to check the quality of the materials, too. A real Jumpman logo will be thicker than the one on a fake.

The UPC code is also on the inside tongue. If the lettering is not even, then it’s a fake. Make sure the font and the size match. Check the manufacturer’s date too. Fake Jordans tend to have irregular dates and a less than readable font. Also, make sure that the wording on the inside of the tongue is legible.

Inspecting the tongue Spot Authentic Jordan 4s

One of the most reliable ways to determine the authenticity of a pair of Jordan 4s is to examine the size tag. If it is thin or has the wrong shape, you may be dealing with a fake. Also, take note of the frame that surrounds the label. Also, check to see whether the Jumpman logo is thick or thin.

A real pair of Air Jordan 4s will have a larger toe box and a more pronounced bottom curve. A fake one, on the other hand, will be smaller and sharp. Another way to spot a fake is to check the stitching pattern. Fake ones will often have a stitching pattern that is inconsistent and uneven.

The stitching on a real Air Jordan 4 will be tight and evenly spaced. If it has a big gap between the stitching lines, it is likely a fake. A newer model of the Jordan 4 should have the Jumpman logo stamped on the inside.

Inspecting the sock liner

If you’re trying to buy a fake pair of Air Jordan 4s, it’s important to pay attention to the sock liner. The lining of fakes is generally less cushioned and skinny than the real thing. A fake sock liner may also be inconsistently attached. Look for a consistent length all the way around the ankle. If there’s a difference, chances are they’re a fake.

Authentic Air Jordan 4s feature a wider toe box and a flatter bottom curve. In addition, fakes feature a narrow, sharp toe box. A fake sock liner will be yellow and will not have the same angled and square edges.

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